Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the main rooms that we tend to look to improve when we either buy or sell a home. Renovations can be pricey, but there are easy ways to give the space a make-over.

The first step to take is painting your kitchen a new color. A fresh coat of paint can really enhance the room’s appeal. Painting your cabinets to accent the new walls would be ideal. Oil and acrylic primers and enamels are the recommended types of paint for cabinets. A great tip is to check out your current fashion magazine to find out the trendy colors for the space.

Even applying new pulls, handles and knobs adds so much to cabinets.

“Think of them as the jewelry of the room,” explained Barb Greco of Barb Greco Interior Design.

Have you thought about updating your fixtures?

“A new faucet can change the look of not only the sink, but the counter itself,” said Greco.

New lighting can make a dramatic difference. Implementing the perfect lighting for your kitchen can really set the mood and the atmosphere.

The last small thing would be to change or add a backsplash. There is a variety of choices and tiles available today. Options include:

  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Ceramic
  • Natural Stone
  • Painted Accents

“The possibilities are endless and the impact they make is tremendous,” added Greco.

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